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to improve u.s. relations with south america. >>> the nuclear crisis in japan is raising more fears this morning. owners of the crippled plant said gray smoke is coming from the third unit. it has been leaking since the massive earthquake it is now said that japan's tap water is not safe for infants. the u.s. is just announced it is banning food imports from the infected regions of japan. >>> there are report that it is u.s. is considering evacuating military service members on stationed in japan. sailors have been given potasz ium pills. >>> a new poll shows that d.c. voters give he and kwame brown low marks. kimberly? >> this is a poll, toppant lifts break it down this way. mayor gray is off to a rocky start. proposal at 31%. a poll before the primary, gray posted a fafrability rating of 60%. 54% say he is not living up to a high standard of ethics, and 46% say he is not providing strong leadership. he gets strong marks for improving education and keeping in touch with citizens. as for council chairman kwame brown, his disapproval ratings, 43%. ratings for both men are lower than
sailor. >> what abercrombie and fitch is selling leading to a kroefr. >>> the disaster in japan rocked by another earthquake today. it triggered a tsunami warning that was cancelled. nuclear plant officials say a partial meltdown boosted the readings from one reactor. the reading 100,000 times more than normal. health officials in massachusetts found trace amounts of radiation in rain water samples and do not pose a risk for those who live there. inspectors say they will continue to take samples around the state this week. >> a man is expected to appear in a virginia courtroom in connection with a bizarre vampire gammers romance, police tell the "miami herald." the man hopped a on a train with a plan to seduce his 14-year-old girlfriend and knock out her mother with sleeping pills. they met playing "rain of blood" online. >>> a blue alert, similar to an amber alert, maryland already has t that system will serve as the model for the national system. the senator will introduce the legislation today when he speaks at the fraternal order of police lodge in upper marlboro. >>> a dramatic in
developments out of japan, a major set back at a crippled plant. >> it is friday, march 25th, it doesn't feel like a late march morning. don't be surprised if you have to do scraping on your car this morning. >> so many i run into are telling me, tom, when do we get warmer weather? i keep telling them, i am trying. >> try harder. >> we are talking about winter-like weather. the cold air has moved in place. this will set the stage for major accumulating snow on sunday. right now, it is frosty cold. 32 at reagan national it is just near 30 in arlington. montgomery county, in the mid and upper 20s, right near the bay waters, just a mile or two away from the bay, it is down in the upper 20s. most locations, under a clear sky. colder in western maryland, the low to mid 20s in many locations, it is a frosty, cold start, thanks to the high pressure that pushed down from canada, in place here, and will be in place through the weekend. for today, as we look there at the live view from the city, a clear start. sunrise after 7:00. we will have temperatures in the 30s. peaking in the 40s for a brief ti
. >> new out of japan this morning, authorities call the troubles out of a nuclear reactor grave. the plutonium is leaking from the if you sushima plant. more proof that a partial meltdown occurred at that plant. plutonium is highly toxic. the amounts found do not pose a threat to humans. they don't have a choice to put water on the reactors even though it may cause leaks. inspectors found a small amount of radioactive material in a baltimore water sample. the trace amount found they insist is not a rink to drinking water. health officials do urge people not to drink rain water. authorities are testing air, milk and vegetation for radiation. >>> a deadly shooting, officers responded to the 1,300 block. there is no word on a suspected gunman. >> one of the many items, in the board of supervisors meeting. bonds to provide 225 million up to the construction of that line. afterwards, they will decide whether or not to decide to buy a trash plant. they will conclude at the budget hearing, dozens have signed up to speak. >> county executive baker will deliver the state of the prince ge
that president of the power plant in japan is in the hospital. suffering from dizziness and high pressure. at the scene for over two weeks. and radiation in sea water outside the plant is 33,000 at i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. >>> news 4 mid day will be finger licking good today. the women behind georgetown cup cake, we will learn the secrets starting at 11:00. >> and opening the fitness center here. >> it is fitting. >> have some cup cakes, head over to the gym, work off the calories. >> that is a deceiving horizon. >> so pretty. >> don't let it fool you. >> i am hoping for free samples later. >> barbara is going to get unindated. >> there will be a crowd. 6:41, no rain yet. 43 at reare gan national. at the suburbs, near 40 degrees. we have rain showing up on radar. showing that rain now coming
on the disaster in japan. high radiation levels are a major concern after the earthquake and tsunami. officials are looking into a u.n. report showing high levels of radiation in a village 25 miles from the crippled nuclear power mant. that's outside the voluntary evacuation zone. radiation in sea water near the plant is now more than 4300 times the legal limit. across the pacific, low levels of radiation have turned up in a sample of milk in washington state, but the pda says it should be no reason to worry, those levels are expected to fall quickly. >>> u.s. officials acknowledging that cia operatives are on the ground in libya saying they're as setting the strength and needs of the rebel forces. president obama has not made a decision yet on whether to away the rebels fighting know mar gadhafi. back here at help, though, lawmakers say it's too early to arm them warning that the opposition groups could contain terrorist organizations. congress is also unhappy that secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense robert gates did not give an exit strategy to this conflict. >> if the
lower than the amount that would cause a health concern. a plant in japan badly damaged during the earthquake and tsunami. the death toll is said to exceed 18,000. >>> a popular south american tourist attraction, they were in an inflatible raft, the boat hit rocks and flipped over. five others were hurt in that accident. >> gruesome details about the lululemon murder. prosecutors say that norwood killed murray because she told a manager that norwood stole pricey yoga wear. norwood claimed that two masked men beat and raped them both. >>> a local neighborhood where a dog was shot in a fenced in backyard. >> what a major airline is doing again that is not so charging. >>> spring showers, when those first rains might arrive. >> breaking news on the bw parkway. >>> 6:40, beautiful in the nation's capital. a lot of sunlight getting through as well. >> pretty pastels. sunrise, 25 minutes away on this early spring morning. it is a cool start. that is the live picture from the sky watcher camera. a bit of a breeze coming from from the north and west. district hates, herndon and colesvi
. >>> and this morning reports of the first direct exposure to radiation are giving new life to nuclear fears in japan. while you were sleeping, three workers at the tsunami damaged puck sh fukushima plant had their skin exposed. this morning smoke could be seen rising from two of the plant's reactors. in tokyo, radiation levels in tap water has dropped, but bottled water is still being distrdi distributed. more than 16,000 are still missing. >>> today metro's board will be presented with a new report that raises concerns about the safety at its rail yards. according to the report, there have been at least five crashes since december. they were caused by train operators who were either speeding or not following safe driving practices. no one was injured, but some of the cars were slightly damaged. back in 2009, a crash at the westphals church rail yard injured three workers and caused $12 million in damage. >>> 6:07. 42 degrees. the meeting tonight in northern virginia that always brings out fired up parents. >> and what students at mckinley tech are saying about the grade changing scandal at their sc
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8